Josh Hedge

Josh Hedge
Seeds For Truth

Where do you live

In the lovely little slice of heaven called Byron Bay

What is the story of your brand and how would you like it to evolve

My work has evolved over the years through many different outlets, but it stemmed from a place of going within myself. I finished high school with no real plans, without a job at the time, no savings or direction to go I purchased a 2nd hand camera my friend was selling and from the very first click of the shutter my doorway into being an artist began. after 4-5 years of being a photographer, I stumbled  into the world of being a writer, which has flowed into publishing three non-fictional books that have travelled the world and been read my human beings of the whole spectrum. This to me is what I am most thankful for, is that it is relevant to everyone. I would love this to evolve into bigger scales and continue to bring humanity together especially within communities.I truly believe the power of the internet will prevail as a milestone mark for humanity in the decades to come. We will look back on changes that occurred which would not have happened because of our ability to share, connect, listen and grow together. 

What inspires you and helps you get into a creative flow

It goes through ebs and flows. I feel personally, that this is a very important aspect to understand being in the creative field. And towards life itself. We don't have to be creative all the time, the same way we don't have to be happy all the time. I feel when you first start doing something, the flow is always there, and naturally that initial phase can simmer down. For me, just allowing the space in general to be there is important to me, so that when flow does come I'm ready to harness the energy. I'm very much inspired by Nature more then ever. I have always been fascinated by it, but I feel like the more I sit, observe and interact with Nature, the more I learn. I find that a natural clarity is experienced when we immerse ourselves into its mystery, as if our logical and thinking mind can't help but surrender and for me a lot of insight, wisdom and connection comes from this.

What is the message that you want to express through your product/service

One of the main messages I guess that seems to stream throughout my words, is for people to really drop into themselves and live a life based from their heart. This in a way is cliche across many things. But I feel cliche things are often 'cliche' because they are said or expressed by so many people and this in itself shows that it has a truthful aspect behind it. As well as the simple practise of celebrating exactly who you are, in all your so called flaws and imperfections, that only you yourself can have. I always find it quite fascinating how in a population of over 7 billion people, you are 1 of these. Yet, we so often try and mould ourselves to be look like someone else. We have become separated across so many aspects of our being because of conditioning and society when behind the veils we all have a heart that beats, and we all equally have the honour of being apart of creation and so I can only hope that across my three books this instills a bit that understanding with those who read them.

What does the word beauty evoke for you 

I have come to learn on my own journey, that beauty is in just about everything. It all comes down to our willingness to open our perception of 'beauty' just being a sunset for instance. We only give ourselves permission to find something beautiful because we think thats all we can call beautiful, if that makes sense? But it is literally almost anything. The more I observe Nature and its complexities which are at the same time, so very simply, I am able to see the beauty of simply being here. It evokes this sense of privilege and extremely deep gratitude to have this opportunity to be a human being aware of my surroundings and have the ability to feel beauty across all of my senses.

What is a motto/quote you are living by right now

I'm not living by any set motto or quote directly, although I am always inspired by words. But I do have a question I ask myself just about every morning which is "If I just worked 50 days straight in a job I really didn't like, and today was my first day off, how would I want to spend today to make up for those 50 days doing something I really didnt want to do?"
And it always sets my tone for the day, to walk on the beach with my dog, surf, drink coffee in a beautiful cafe, write, paint, dance, sing, smile, connect with myself and others, and above all to be still, breathe. So this is usually what I do most days haha.


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