Padmini Yoni

Leela Kalyani
of Padmini Yoni

Where do you live

I have been travelling a lot of the last few years, through India, Bali, Thailand, the US and Aus. I have been Sydney-based, but I've just moved to the Northern Rivers to see if this is where I desire to plant seeds and create more of a nest / base for myself which is something Im definitely yearning for. And right now up here its feeling very tasty! 

What is the story of your brand and how would you like it to evolve

Padmini is one of the names for the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi. It translates to she who sits on the lotus. 

She is a goddess of abundance, beauty, femininity. The lotus for me is a deeply powerful symbol of creation, of our connection to both the cosmos and to the earth. It is both anchored in the earth, the mud and blossoms into the most divine and beautiful flower. The word Yoni translates to sacred temple and is a word used to describe the female reproductive and sexual anatomy. These words to me invoke sacredness, reverence, sexuality and the essence of feminine power. 

My service and offering to the world is one devoted to supporting women in reconnecting to the sacredness and potency of their bodies and their sexuality. I do this through various offerings of yoni and womb bodywork, energetic and emotional alchemy and online support for women to journey with me who may not be able to see me in person. 

I see Padmini Yoni continuing to expand and spread its magic all over the globe, seeping its way into the "mainstream" world where I feel this type of work is so deeply needed.

I do feel a big part of my work is to continue to normalize conversations around the importance of having an integrated and empowered sexuality. For many of us in order to reach this space we need to clear away blockages we have inherited, picked up through social conditioning, let go of shame and trauma that we may be holding from experiences we have been through and to give ourselves the permission to truly explore and own what our unique sexual expression looks like. Thats where the work practitioners like me became so key... to know we don't have to do all of that unravelling on our own and that there is support and professionals out there to guide and support us in empowering ourselves.

What inspires you and helps you get into a creative flow

Nature. Love. Connection. Intimacy. Magic. These are all things that inspire my soul deeply. 

Solitude is vital for me in order to be able to actually channel this inspiration. I'm more of an introverted person than many people expect... so solo time is crucial as it allows me to fill my cup up, get my creative juices flowing and actually birth beautiful creations and offerings for the planet.  

In the last year as I've become increasingly busy in holding space, I've learnt (the hard way) how necessary it is for me to consciously create  time and space to drop in with myself to avoid burning out. Dancing, meditating, writing, lying in the sun, resting, cooking and self-pleasuring are all simple practices that support me to be tapped into my creative flow, feel nourished and actually use this creative energy to bring forth and manifest magic into the world. 

What is the message that you want to express through your product/service

The intention behind Padmini Yoni is one of deep feminine embodiment. It is my desire to create a beautiful, sacred and safe space for women to fully own and inhibit ALL that they are, all that it means to be a woman. To feel the depths of their pain, their sorrow, their joy, their pleasure and use these emotions as fuel for life. It is also my desire to be an embodiment of integrated sexuality and feminine radiance and show others how our sexual life force energy is (I believe) the most powerful tool on this planet for transformation, healing and manifestation!  

What does the word beauty evoke for you 

A feeling of warmth and a nectary sensation in my heart, of softness in my belly, of tingles in my yoni, of fullness in my being.

What is a motto/quote you are living by right now

My current phone wallpaper is :

"your heart knows the way. Run in that direction"

Each day I pray to be shown how to be an even deeper embodiment of love, being heart-anchored is everything to me and I feel this quote captures that.


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