Project Coal

Owner of Project Coal

Where do you live

On a sunny island called Singapore.

What is the story of your brand and how would you like it to evolve

I was a fine art student, majoring in drawing. I had the intention to further my fine art studies in England, but while I was there, I attended a natural dyeing workshop, and that kicked off the start of a new journey.

A few years into the business, I met my partner, who is a photographer, he came onboard and now Project Coal is evolving into more than just a natural dyeing entity. We would love to eventually provide creative services for like minded businesses, in the area of brand consultation, art direction and photography. 

What inspires you and helps you get into a creative flow

Travelling and books. Being in a new place and environment helps. Especially if the place I’m visiting is rich in culture, crafts and the arts, like Japan. As artists, we sometimes struggle with finding new inspiration, while wanting to create new works. Heading to the library helps too, browsing through books. Books are knowledge!

What is the message that you want to express through your product/service

Our intention is to create authentic pieces. We only create and make products that we want to use ourselves. Honest works are important. 


What does the word beauty evoke for you 

Being at peace with yourself. I always feel, with inner peace, wherever you are, you will see the beauty in everything. Looking up at the trees, or even just breathing.

What is a motto/quote you are living by right now

“I am what my intention to be.”


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