RNR Creative.

Co-creation + Curation.

Art Direction, styling and design services by Lora Villanueva.

Assisting to bring to life beautiful brands with a conscious intention and purpose. Branding is more than a logo. It is communicating, inspiring and creating the feeling and experience when they come in contact with the message it holds. 

“create a purpose for your company, for the customers to empathise with. a purpose that connects us to the shared environment around us and a purpose that we want to support and share. if we talk about sustainability, we have to start at the root.. and that is the belief system of your brand/company. ask ‘what is life really about for you?”

- ted x christian maats,
how product design can change the world


What I do

Art direction + curation
Graphic design
Branding + brand strategy
Collateral design
Packaging design
Social media content creation
Website design
Squarespace template editing
Photography + styling


Currently based in India and Sydney, Australia.

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