ARC Objects

Daniela Jacobs
Designer from ARC Objects

Where do you live

My "base" in NYC – my other home is Mallorca (I grew up between both places and try to back to Mallorca as much as possible).

What is the story of your brand and how would you like it to evolve

ARC is an ongoing experiment that explores wearable / functional sculpture, and how unusual materials and shapes make us more mindful of the small details in our day-to-day. An arc is simultaneously a shape and a concept; similarly, ARC objects seeks to be both literal and figurative. The core collection is inspired by colors, textures, shapes, and sounds found in nature. We also highly value our photography practice, not only as a vehicle to express our visual personality as a brand but also as a language, as a way to communicate. I'd like for ARC to continue exploring these themes, pushing these boundaries, and widening the scope of our studio practice.

What inspires you and helps you get into a creative flow

Nature – colors, sounds, textures, shapes! – is an endless source of inspiration. The mountains, the sea, a radical sunset, an expansive landscape all feel like visual medicine. I especially love to spend time by the sea or under water to brainstorm/ meditate on new ideas, but if that's not possible I have a personal "library" of inspirational images I like to spread out in front of me and just start sketching. 

What is the message that you want to express through your product/service

ARC is a body of work that seeks to encourage mindfulness and individual creative expression. Our visual language is our mode of communication.  

What does the word beauty evoke for you 

Simplicity; natural elegance.

What is a motto/quote you are living by right now

The journey is the destination.


Lora Villanueva